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10 Tips For Marketing Your Event On Facebook

By August 23, 2017 No Comments

I spend a lot of time helping clients market their special events, and Facebook can be a great tool. The problem is many people create a Facebook event and assume the rest will take care of itself. That “strategy” will usually fail.

Here are 10 tips to make sure your Facebook event gets seen:

1. Keep The Name Short

Make the name of your event compelling, but as short as possible. It will get cut off on a lot of views (like mobile phones, where most people will see it).

2. Optimize Your Image

Make it attention grabbing and representative of the event. Avoid the temptation to put a bunch of info ON it – Text on the image will reduce the reach on Facebook. 

Don’t put text on your event image. It will drastically reduce your reach on Facebook.

The good news is that sizing is now easy. It used to show up differently on different devices, but now just make it at 1920×1080, a 16:9 ratio.

3. Include Sponsors & Vendors

Consider including vendors or sponsors as co-hosts of your Facebook event so they can promote as well.

4. Don’t Invite Everyone

There is a limit on how many people you can invite to a Facebook event. Each Facebook user can invite up to 500 people. However, if you invite a bunch of people and they don’t respond, Facebook has been known to cut that off at a lower number. So use your invites wisely to invite people that might actually come.

5. Have Employees Mark That They’re Coming

Have the people working the event immediately mark that they are going in the Facebook Event. This way when people see the event in their Facebook feeds it shows there are already people going. Nobody wants to be the first one to a party.

6. Have Staff Invite Friends

Have your staff personally invite their friends that might be interested. Don’t invite ALL their friends – That’s spammy and annoying.

7. Ask People To Share It

Sometimes people are afraid to ask their guests to do this, but if they are already excited to come, they’ll likely share it too. People are 71% more likely to buy a product if someone has referred it to them on social media.

Once you have guests, encourage them to invite others. But ask them to do it in a way that gives them value, not you. For example, ask them to invite people they want to network with.

8. Post About The Event

Creating the event is only the beginning. Do normal posts about it! The event will probably stop showing up organically in people’s feeds, but if you post about it with a link to the Facebook event you can extend the reach.

9. Post In The Event

Once people have designated themselves as going or interested in the Facebook Event, post interesting things in the event for them to get excited about and engage with. They’ll get a notification when you post. Just do it in moderation so you don’t annoy people.

10. Don’t Rely On Facebook

Promote the event in your other social media channels, with email campaigns, flyers, posters, wherever you would normally promote it. Facebook enhances the traditional marketing of your event, it doesn’t replace it.


This also appeared as a guest post on the National Event Pros blog.