Best Image Sizes for Facebook

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Best Image Sizes For Facebook

Need the best image sizes for Facebook? It’s so frustrating when something looks perfect on your computer, then you look at it on a smartphone and it’s a mess! Let’s run through the best image sizes for Facebook so everything looks great everywhere.

NOTE: It’s still always a good idea to check your image on both a computer and mobile device after you put it up, but having these dimensions to start will save you a lot of hassle.

Facebook Profile Picture Size

Profile pictures on Facebook are square, although they are sometimes cropped into a circle. They display at 170 pixels x 170 pixels, but if you’re custom creating them I recommend sizing them at 400 x 400.

Facebook Profile Picture - Best Image Sizes For Facebook


The reason I do that is Twitter, LinkedIn and other social platforms require them to be that size, so at 400 x 400 you’re all set for multiple platforms.

TIP: Make sure the photo looks great in a circle, and looks great when it’s really tiny, because that’s how it will look on a smartphone.

Facebook Profile Picture on Mobile Device - Best Image Sizes For Facebook

Facebook Cover Photo Size

Facebook lists the cover photo at 820 x 312 on a desktop computer, and 640 x 360 on mobile. I prefer to design mine at 820 x 461 as suggested by It’s the best size for both desktop and mobile, as long as you keep your content in the middle because the edges will get cropped off.

Facebook Cover Photo Size - Best Image Sizes For Facebook

If you are creating for a personal page, keep in mind that your profile photo will cover up part of your cover photo as shown below.

Facebook Cover Photo on Personal Profile - Best Image Sizes For Facebook

Facebook Photo Post Sizes

You can upload any photo size you want to Facebook and they will make it fit, but occasionally it might get cropped in the news feed.

I like to go tall whenever possible because you take up more real estate in the news feed, on both Desktop and Mobile. My theory is the more time someone’s eyes spend on your image, the more likely you are to get them to stop and engage with it! 

Here is a short, wide photo from my page:

Shorter, wider photos take up very little space when someone is quickly scrolling through their Facebook News Feed.

Shorter, wider photos take up very little space when someone is quickly scrolling through their Facebook News Feed. Here is a tall photo:

A taller photo takes up much more space in the News Feed, increasing the chances you'll catch the attention of a busy scroller!

That’s quite a difference!

Facebook Ad Image Size

To the frustration of marketers, Facebook has always required image sizes for ads to be 1200 x 628 pixels.

Facebook Ad Image Size

Just recently they started allowing square images. As we discussed with post images above, this is a game changer. Square images (suggested at 1200 x 1200 pixels) allow more space in the Facebook News Feed.

Facebook Group Photo Size

Facebook suggests group photos should be 1640 x 859 pixels. Watch out – a tiny piece at the top and bottom won’t show so make sure nothing important is there. Here is the cover photo from our Five Minute Social Media Facebook Group:

Facebook Group Cover Photo Size is 1640 x 859 pixels

Facebook Event Photo Size

Photos for Facebook Events are 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, which is standard widescreen:

Facebook Event photos size is 1,920 x 1,080 pixels as shown here on a desktop computer

Just keep in mind it can look slightly different on mobile, so check it both places after uploading.

I hope these best image sizes for Facebook have been helpful! Bookmark this page for future reference.

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