11 Content Ideas For Small Businesses

Do you struggle with what to post on social media? Are you always short on content ideas for small businesses? Read on for 11+ proven content ideas that will work in almost any industry on almost any social network.

One quick thing I want to mention before the ideas. Your business is more interesting than you think!

I worked in radio for years, interviewing people like Justin Timberlake, Luke Bryan and Taylor Swift, which people were obviously interested in. But they got just as excited about seeing a studio with 4 boring gray walls where we did the show every day! 

As business owners, we are often way to close to our job to see how interesting it can be. If it’s not interesting, then why do you do it for a living?

Here’s a video of 11 proven content ideas for small businesses, including explanations and examples. If you prefer to read the ideas rather than watch the video, keep reading.


People relate to people. Got a tiny team, or maybe it’s just you? Post your pet as an unofficial employee, or refer to them as the intern. Post a photo of the FedEx guy – he’s kind of on your team. The barista at the coffee shop where you sometimes work can be a member of your team. Don’t be shy!

People are what allow people to connect with your brand. In this restaurant post we highlighted an employee’s unique tattoo


Anyone in your business celebrating something? Share it! It reminds people that your company is made up of people they can relate to. Again, not many employees? Share celebrations of your own as well as those of customer and clients.


This is everything with Facebook’s algorithm. The content that will get seen the most is content where people are commenting back and forth with each other. The best questions are the ones you ask that make people want to read the answers, even if they don’t have one!


People love to be asked for their opinion, plus you might get some great feedback!

“Thinking about offering our cheeseburger with broccoli instead of fries, yay or nay?”

You can ask for opinions on anything you’re experimenting with. For me, I’ve asked people about the backgrounds for my videos, and I crowdsourced my haircut on Facebook Live! BTW you are not required to listen to what people say, it’s just a chance for engagement.


If you’re a photographer, give photography tips. I’ve spoken to wedding photographers who say things like, “I’m not giving away my secrets.”

You’re not giving away your “secrets.” If you’re a wedding photographer, reminding people to stop taking photos in front of bright windows is not going to cost you business.

Chelsea Peitz, marketing coach and author of Talking In Pictures does a fantastic job sharing quick tips on her social media.


People love a good Before & After photo. Makeovers on people or houses are huge, but it could be as simple cooking something, setting something up, event cleaning something up. For me it might be setting up to shoot one of my videos. For a real estate it could be photos of a house before and after it is staged.


If you are a local business, your customers are probably interested in going to the same events you are. It might be as simple as posting, “Anyone going to _____? I’ve never been, got any tips?”


Jump on the bandwagon of sports teams your audience is excited about! I’ve got a client in Tuscaloosa and you better believe we post about Alabama Football. This also applies to (almost) anything else local people are passionate or talking about.


#TBT still works in most situations! I created a content plan for a chain of collision centers that included posting classic cars on Thursdays. These posts quickly generated dozens of shares and hundreds of Likes/Comments.


The other parts of your business not normally seen are more interesting than you think to other people – Share!

Do you have a store that is immaculate in the front? Post a photo of your messy storage room to remind people you’re not perfect – they can relate to that!


This will be the hardest one for most people, but also the most important one. Share bad reviews, small failures and legitimate complaints.

Doing this humanizes you. If it’s a bad review, share it, adding, “We’re not perfect. Sometimes we have a bad night, and I’m really sorry about that. But we’re always looking to improve! So never hesitate to reach out to me personally if there’s something we can do better.”


Content Ideas For Small BusinessesI covered 11 ideas above, but I’ve actually put together a pack of 13 more Content Ideas For Small Businesses – grab that list below.

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