Facebook Marketing For Bands

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Facebook Marketing For Bands

Facebook Marketing For Bands can be easy, and free! If you’re a touring musician that wants to learn more about social media for bands, this video will help.

Eric leads a band and asked me:

  • How can I reach more people near my shows without blasting everyone?
  • What are musicians doing well on Facebook? What are they doing wrong?

We”ll answer those questions, talk about the best things you should post, and share a list of proven tips to reach WAY more people with your Facebook Events.

In the video, I referenced Facebook’s tool to check text on your images ➜

Dominate Facebook Events with these 10 tips ➜

Got any questions? Send me a message or ask in our Facebook Group. Request to join and I’ll approve you – Would love to have you there!

And if you haven’t gotten it yet, pick up your free list of 24 Social Media Content Ideas For Business Owners.