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Facebook Tutorial for Business 2019

By January 9, 2019 No Comments
Facebook Tutorial For Business 2018

Need a Facebook Tutorial for Business 2019? You’re in the right spot!

Below I’ll take you through a series of videos to get you all set up. Feel free to skip to whatever videos meet your needs!

First, does your business need a Facebook Page? Almost always yes, with a couple of exceptions:

Ready to set up a Facebook Business Page? It takes less than 5 minutes:

Once it’s set up, it’s time to start posting! In this video I share best practices for posting to your page, including text posts, photos, videos and links:


Do you already have a Facebook Business Page out there? Here’s how to check for them and claim them if you do:



Ready to start spending a few dollars to reach more customers? Watch this:


Got any questions? Send me a message or ask in our Facebook Group. Request to join and I’ll approve you – Would love to have you there!

And if you haven’t gotten it yet, grab our FREE Five-Minute Facebook Facelift. In 5 minutes you can optimize your Facebook Business Page for profit.

Jerry Potter is the Creative Director and CMO for Mastodon Media, as well as the founder of Five Minute Social Media, a YouTube channel that teaches small business owners to maximize their social media marketing. Living in Seattle, he spends his time with his wife and two Tiny Humans, and is on a quest to prove Diet Coke is actually good for him.