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Generate A Google Review Link For Your Business

By September 21, 2018 No Comments
Generate Google Review Link

If you generate a Google Review link for your business, you can send them right to your client or customer to make it EASY to leave a review!

Asking a customer to leave a review is an important part of building your business. Reviews help raise your profile, and help you achieve “social proof,” that internet currency that drives business.

Consumers are 71% more likely to buy something they saw recommended online. That’s social proof.

But it’s a pain! And I don’t mean for you and I, I mean for our customers and clients.

We send an note saying, “Hey would you mind leaving me a review?” Then they have to decide which platform, find your business on that platform, possibly create a freakin’ account, then leave the review. I better LOVE your business if I’m going to bother to do that.

The other scenario:

“Would you mind leaving me a Google Review? You can do it right here.”

They click the link, click how many stars, click save and they’re done. Hopefully they will consider leaving a nice comment too, but you take what you can get.

Google allows you to achieve the above 3-click scenario. You can send your customer a link that takes them right to review your business, even on a mobile device.

I’ll show you how in the video below, or read on for written instructions:

STEP ONE: Go to this page and scroll down to figure out the “Place ID” for your business.

STEP TWO: Take your Place ID and add it to the end of this URL string:

That’s it! That is your Google Review link. My Place ID isChIJ5wYFXe4TkFQRLa4FSHuat1o, so mine would be:

If your Place ID didn’t come up, you probably need to set up your Google Business listing.

Want more reviews? This might help:

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