IGTV Tutorial (Instagram TV)

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IGTV Tutorial

Ready for your IGTV Tutorial?

IGTV has exploded onto the scene. Some are calling it “the YouTube killer.”

That’s a little dramatic. I don’t think YouTube is going anywhere, but I do think IGTV will be massive.

A few things to know about IGTV:

  • It is a mobile first video platform, focusing on vertical videos.
  • It is already integrated with Instagram, which now has over a billion users.
  • Videos can be up to 10 minutes long for anyone, and up to an hour for approved creators.

Is it worth it for you? 

The video format is vertical, so just publishing videos you already have will make for a terrible user experience. But it is a new platform so you could be first in your industry to be creating content for it.

The main question to ask: Can you create new, quality content for it without taking away from what you’re already doing?

For me personally, I’ve decided the answer is no (for now). I have 3 very specific goals for this year, and while it might contribute to those goals, I don’t have the capacity to do IGTV well right now.

That being said, I’m a huge geek for this stuff so I jumped in to learn everything about it!

My full IGTV tutorial is below.

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