Instagram Analytics – Free Tutorial

By April 12, 2018 No Comments

Let’s talk Instagram Analytics.

The easiest way to grow a social media account is to look at what’s working and do more of it! Also look at what’s not working and knock it off.

Thankfully, Instagram has been nice enough to offer us free analytics, or Insights as they call them.

Analytics is a nerdy word that can be intimidating, so in this video I break down where to find your Instagram Analytics, how to interpret them and some specific examples of how you can use them to grow your account.

FIRST: If your Instagram account hasn’t been converted to a business profile you’ll need to do that. It’s free and takes less than 6o seconds, and I show you how in this video.

If you already have an Instagram business profile, hit play below and we’ll get started:

BTW, since releasing this video, an update has moved where to find Instagram Insights. This screenshot shows where you can find it now:

Instagram Analytics Update

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