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Why Isn’t Anyone Clicking On My Facebook Posts?

By July 25, 2017 No Comments

Because Facebook isn’t showing them to anyone. Here’s why.

What’s the #1 complaint about Facebook (that’s actually their fault)? If you asked my friends, it’s that they have to see stories in the order Facebook wants, instead of the order they were posted.

They (Facebook) don’t know what I want to see in my feed!”

The scary truth is they do know what you want to see. They know more about what you want to see than I do. Several years back they made the change and instituted the algorithm that shows you specific posts.

I won’t go into the minute details about how they decide what to show you (especially since so much of it is secret), but I will tell you that we all started spending more time on Facebook when they stopped showing us posts in chronological order. It all boils down to this: Facebook is showing you what it considers the best content available, the content other people are clicking, liking, and commenting on.

Back to the original question: Why isn’t anyone clicking on my Facebook posts? Because they suck. To be fair, posts that suck is part of the problem.

Problem #1 – Your Posts Suck

If you’re reading this, I’m assuming the posts that aren’t getting clicked on are for your company or brand page, not your personal profile. Many companies tend to post about the same thing all the time – the company. But people don’t want to see that because it feels like a constant commercial. Other than the weird section of the population that sits around watching QVC, most of us don’t want to be sold to. Therefore, most of your content should give more value to the person reading it then it does for your company. Specifically, at least 80% of what you post should have no sales pitch whatsoever.

Problem #2 – Facebook’s Algorithm Is Working Against You

Getting people to engage with your business or brand page is an uphill battle from the start. Because your Facebook page is there as a way to earn money, Facebook wants their cut – they want you to pay to reach your audience. Therefore they’re going to be pretty restrictive on who sees your content unless you pay.

Do you have to spend money to reach people on Facebook? Thankfully no. You just have to create great content that people like. The post below has been viewed 113 million times, and I’m guessing Jimmy Fallon didn’t have to pay to boost it.

So What Do You Do?

It’s relatively simple. Post good content. Follow the 80/20 rule.

Can’t book Melissa McCarthy like Jimmy Fallon did? That’s not a problem. Just start posting things your customer will like, without including a sales pitch.