Posting Video To Facebook Business Pages

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Posting Video To Facebook Business Page

Posting video to Facebook Business Pages is easy if you do it right! I’ll show you how to do it on a computer or mobile/smartphone, plus tips on optimizing it.

In addition to showing you how to upload & post, I think it’s important we cover adding captions to your video.

According to Facebook, 85% of the videos watched on their platform are watched without sound.

The videos often auto-play, but the audio doesn’t.

It’s not that people don’t like sound on their videos – why else would we pay $14 to see a movie in a theater?

It’s just that sound can be inconvenient on Facebook because you’re scrolling through your feed…

  • in bed with someone sleeping
  • on a bus
  • on the toilet in a public restroom (admit it!) 😁

Here’s the great news:

Facebook will auto-caption videos on business pages!

Let me show you how to set up captions, along with some other best practices for uploading video to Facebook.

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