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How Often Should I Post On Social Media?

by | Aug 16, 2021 | Marketing, Podcast

“As Streamlined Entrepreneurs, we never post just to post. Everything is intentional, focusing on the 20% of work that drives 80% of the results.”

I used to work for a company that wanted us to post on Facebook 48 times per day!

48 is not a typo. 😕

That’s when I first decided there had to be a better way to get results on social media. As business owners, we should all strive to be what I call The Streamlined Entrepreneur, someone who focuses on the 20% of the tasks that bring 80% of the revenue, and ditches the rest!

In this episode of Social Media for Streamlined Entrepreneurs I’ll help you decide how often you should post for your business.

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In this episode:

    • [01:16] The “logic” behind posting on Facebook 48 times per day.
    • [05:27] What happened when we went from 21 posts per week down to 2?
    • [06:33] What is a Streamlined Entrepreneur?
    • [13:09] Answer these questions to figure out how often you should post on social media for your business.
    • [17:29] Our community #WIN Of The Week where Jen Higgins quickly booked over $1,000 in new business!

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