Looking to work with a practical, dad-joke-dropping technophile? Oh, hey…

There are so many ways we can team up to achieve your entrepreneurial and social media goals!

Take a look at the options below and decide which one is the best fit for you and your business.

And if you’re wondering when a joke becomes an official “dad” joke…it’s when the punchline is a parent.

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When you’re ready, here are 3 ways I we can work together, customized for your goals & needs…

1. Private VIP Days

If you want to feel the power of DONE, book a VIP Day so we can condense your to-do list (that might take you 2-3 months to get through) into a single day.

How have other clients used VIP Days?

  • Crafting a brand and messaging strategy from scratch and professionally crafted 3 months of content
  • Build a launch strategy for a new YouTube channel, including channel optimization and writing the first 3 months of content
  • Writing and building the automations for multiple email campaigns designed to convert
  • Setting up a brand new company across the major social networks, each optimized to convert visitors into buyers
  • Writing a sales webinar start-to-finish
  • Building out the tech, connecting all the tools and setting up automations. so they work together
  • Building an outsourcing plan, including crafting the hiring ad, creating the plan and writing all of the step-by-step instructions for a new hire

Have another idea? Just ask!

2. Messenger Coaching Mondays

Are you busy? This is private 1-on-1 coaching with no limits, and without having to get on Zoom at a specific time.

For a full day, you can ask me unlimited questions via Facebook Messenger. This allows us to knock out 2-3 challenges in a single day.

3. Group Coaching & Training

Get full access to me at an affordable price in my Social Media Leads Lab program.

It all starts with learning the D.A.T.E. Framework, which is designed to use social media to attract total strangers and turn them into your best clients & customers.

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