At one point my boss wanted us to post on Facebook 48 times a day! I knew there had to be a better way.

If you’re a time-strapped entrepreneur that has gotten frustrated with social media, I’ve been there too.

“Post more! No wait, post less!”

With the “rules” changing every week, I’d get frustrated by the amount of work I put in compared to the minimal results we got. In 2015 I decided there had to be a better way.
I started studying what agencies were doing, got a job with a startup to continue learning, then started laying my own strategies on top to create a system that works for any business.

What I believed then: Social media should be easier and take less time!

What I KNOW now: Social media can be easier (and faster) when you have a proven plan, customized for your business.

So, how can I help you today?

My name is Jerry Potter, and I’ve been teaching business owners how to build an easy-to-follow social media marketing plan just like an agency would. And it’s a strategy you can stick with and still have time to actually run your business.
After years of teaching 1-on-1, I now teach the system in a 6-week online masterclass.
I’m the Chief Marketing Officer & Creative Director at a Seattle marketing agency and have spent years building successful strategies for numerous brands.
I think it’s unfair that only companies who can pay thousands per month (and more) get to have a successful strategy, so I’m ready to show you the step-by-step method I use to develop social media marketing plans for agency clients.

If you’re ready go to from Frustrated to Fearless in your social media marketing, sign up below to learn about our next online masterclass!

Jerry was able to teach me some tricks that made the whole process less daunting. After working together to come up with a plan that fit my needs, I saw an increase in views, likes, shares, etc. on my social media.

Stephen KilbreathKilbreath Auctions

Your content is AMAZING!!!! Keep up the good work we have learned soooooo much from your videos. Short, concise, effective!

SoulfulOfNoiseIndependent Artists Platform

Thank you Jerry! The 'tip' of posting to the Facebook business page and sharing on a personal page with a message? Best so far. My posts have gone from 23/30 views to 150/200!

Tracey RyderLondon Stitchery