Have you ever thought or said any of these?

Why doesn’t anyone like my company’s posts on Facebook?

This site can tell you that.

I know my customers are on social media, but I don’t have time for that.

You do have time. You can run social media for a small business a few minutes at a time. You just have to have a strategy and know a few tricks. And I’m happy to give you that.

I help run a digital marketing agency and we’ve got some fantastic medium and large clients. Meanwhile many of my friends run small businesses (1-5 people) or non-profits and don’t have the money to hire an agency.

Once I started mentioning the idea of Five Minute Social Media to friends, they were quick to “warn” me that small businesses wouldn’t have money to pay me. They’re right, but I explained that I’m not doing this for the money. My primary goal is to help people, and YouTube allows me to help lots of people (without taking away time from my family).

Will using these tips help you create social media campaigns that rival international corporations? Probably not! But they can help you make your social media (at least) pretty good, and pretty good is better than none at all. Pretty good is WAY better than bad.

Helping people with their social media excites me. I’m a total geek for it.

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-Jerry Potter

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