Workshop: Build Your Online Marketing Strategy

I make the hard stuff about digital marketing easy for business owners by taking you through it step-by-step

What if you could have your online marketing set up the same way a digital agency would do it?

You can and you will if you enroll in this 4-week workshop. By the end of this class:

  • Your business will have a complete digital marketing plan that can be followed in minutes, not hours, per day

  • Your Google Business Listing will be set up and optimized

  • Your business will have a brand voice, making your online presence consistent and memorable

  • You’ll have the tools and knowledge to make sure your website is ready for 2019

  • You’ll have chosen the best social networks for YOUR business, instead of wasting time on all of them

  • You’ll know how to brainstorm content (even if you don’t think you’re creative)

  • You’ll have a fully built a content calendar ready to follow

  • Your business will have a strategy to get more reviews (and better reviews) from customers

If you own a business you are way too busy to waste time on anything. I truly believe that you can run your marketing as well as an agency would, as long as you set it up right the first time.

We’ll meet for 4 weeks and cover everything above and more. Whether your business is brand new, or you’ve been around for years but want to save time on marketing and make sure you’re only spending time on things that matter.

The course will take place on the University of Washington Campus from 1-3pm on:

Sunday 10/21/18
Sunday 10/28/18
Sunday 11/4/18
Sunday 11/11/18

Cost: $150 (includes all four 2-hour workshops)

Jerry Potter from Five Minute Social Media

My promise to you: I will try and make sure you learn all of this and get it set up for your business, even if it means working with you outside of class. Empowering small business owners is my passion!


Jerry Potter is the Creative Director and Chief Marketing Officer for Mastodon Media, as well as the founder of Five Minute Social Media, a YouTube channel that teaches small business owners to maximize their social media marketing. Even though big companies pay clients thousands per month to do their digital marketing, he believes small business owners can achieve good results doing it on their own too. Living in Seattle, Jerry spends his time with his wife and two Tiny Humans, and is on a quest to prove Diet Coke is actually good for him.