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Why Copying Social Media Strategies Doesn’t Work

by | Aug 17, 2021 | Marketing, Podcast

“The reasons someone is successful on social media isn’t always visible to us. No business is thriving because they posted at 10:03am.”

Have you ever tried to copy what someone else was doing on social media, and it failed?

And if you’re like me, you may have blamed yourself. “I’m just not as good as them.” 😕

But it’s NOT your fault it failed, and in this episode I’m going to break down 4 key reasons we fail when copying someone else’s strategy, as well as how to get around them.

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In this episode:

    • [02:38] Reason #1 copying social media strategies doesn’t work is we can only see part of what they are doing. Jerry shares how to get around this.
    • [05:46] Reason #2 is you’re not them and they aren’t you. 
    • [09:06] Reason #3 is you and the person you are copying are in different places, in more ways than one.
    • [11:29] Reason #4 is what worked for them before may not work anymore, even for them! This applies when someone in your industry is teaching you how they grew.
    • [13:58] Our community #WIN Of The Week where Brian Wild is having record months of revenue!

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