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I Was Afraid To Sell On Social Media

by | Aug 24, 2021 | Marketing, Podcast

“Social media is kind of a funny thing because the majority of businesses either NEVER sell or ONLY sell.”

As business owners on social media, we tend to either NEVER sell, or ALWAYS sell in every post. And neither of those strategies works.

So how do you know how often you can sell vs. posting about other things?

In this episode of Social Media for Streamlined Entrepreneurs I’m sharing how to find the balance in your business, as well as how a mentor got me over my fear of selling on social media. 

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In this episode:

  • [01:20] Why I was so afraid to sell on social media and why selling can be scary.
  • [04:16] How one of my mentors helped me quickly get over my fear of selling by reframing it
  • [06:06] If you still feel uncomfortable selling, it is probably because you imagine selling being sleazy, especially if you’ve been targeted with slimy tactics.
  • [07:26] The customer who told a sales story that broke my heart.
  • [10:02] Most business owners either always sell or never sell, and why both are failing strategies.
  • [11:39] How to figure out how much selling you can do on social media.
  • [15:06] Our community #WIN Of The Week where Lea Jacobson changed her strategy and had two posts on her Facebook Business Page reach 75,000 people each with no ad spend!

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