Essential (And Non-Essential Gear) For Creating Instagram Reels

You legitimately just need a smartphone, ANY smartphone from the last 5-7 years should do. But there is gear you can get that can save you time and improve the quality of your short form videos.

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Once you’ve got your phone, here are some additional resources and tools you can use:

Wired Microphone for your smartphone – The one I use is around $15 and you can get it on Amazon. Click here to see a video where you can hear the quality.

Vertical Webcam – I use the Logitech Streamcam (Amazon link), which allows you to record in landscape (traditional video) or vertical (Reels/Shorts/TikToks).

Descript Video Editor – This software allows me to edit my Reels with jump cuts and captions in less than 5 minutes. See all the reasons Descript is amazing by clicking here.

USB MicrophoneThe Yeti Nano (Amazon link) is a great mic to use with your computer.

DJI Pocket 2 – If you are looking for an all-in-one package to create videos, this is a 4k camera with a gimbal (stabilizer) and a wireless microphone. One of my favorite tools! Get it here on Amazon, or this version is a little cheaper but doesn’t include the wirless microphone.

Scheduling Tool For Reels – I use and love Agorapulse, especially for its queue feature.

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