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Social Media For Streamlined Entrepreneurs

Top Social Media Trends For 2022

Top Social Media Trends For 2022

Top Social Media Trends For 2022 The ultimate lead magnet is the one that few are taking advantage of - the private podcast. - Jerry Potter, Five Minute Social Media    There are certainly some big overarching 2022 social media trends, but a lot of the most basic...

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Stop Telling People What You Do

Stop Telling People What You Do

Stop Telling People What You Do - Please & Thank You “ WHAT we do is boring, HOW we solve problems isn’t.” -Jerry Potter, Five Minute Social Media Now, while that may sound like a clickbaity headline, I actually mean that I don't think you should be telling people...

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How Long Does It Take Before Social Media Starts Working?

How Long Does It Take Before Social Media Starts Working?

How To Increase Reach On Social Media (without spending money) ? The secret passageway to Shares starts with creating posts around people's identities. -Jerry Potter, Five Minute Social Media How can we increase our reach on social media? I mean, without spending...

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How much of your valuable time have you wasted trying to figure this out on your own?

How many potential customers are you missing out on because they don’t see your posts?

How much money have you lost because your company is getting buried among the 10,000 brand messages each consumer sees every single day?

Without a strong plan your business will never have the impact it could, and you’ll continue to miss out on life’s most important moments because you’re always playing catchup with your Social Media.


What If You Could Book $1,400 Of New Business In 48 Hours?

Joanna Inks is a child sleep consultant and wanted to find more parents to hire her.

After applying just ONE of the principals in The Five Minute Social Method course, she booked $1400 worth of new business in 48 hours.

How Would You Like To Make $17,000 From One Post?

Michelle Tayler took The Five Minute Social Method course and is now in my group coaching program. Using what she learned, she placed one strategic post in a Facebook Group.

That post led directly to $1,495/month in new revenue for her, which equals $17,940 year!


You don’t have 40 hours a week to run your social media, right? I don’t either, so I found a better way.

My name is Jerry Potter, and I want to teach you how to have powerful social media by building a strategy that doesn’t require 24/7 hustle.

And you can do it without a big team, a big budget, or having to post every day!


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